EEXAR Negotiation

Negotiation Software

Negotiation software to run customized Sales and interact with your interlocutor(s) from anywhere — all available on the popular mobile platforms.

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Design different Negotiation to sell your Products the best way thanks to Custom Fields, Widgets and Notices, then apply specific Rules between the them to rend the Sales dynamic. Interact and keep the negotiation under control thanks to a push system, Attendee activity monitoring, integrated notes taking and on spot turnover generation. Make it happen everywhere through EEXAR’s infrastructure, would your audience be a single person or a large group, handle the specificity of offline Sales with a Central Instance.

Run customized negotiations from everywhere

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EEXAR Negotiation is a powerful tool to run customized negotiation anywhere. It is powerful alone, but reaches its full potential when combined to our other Sales Supportive Tools.

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