Our mission

“From a simple idea learned from a video game, fueled by sci-fi dreams, and with the willing to create a solution useful for companies, we founded EEXAR and brought this vision into reality.” We work on and integrate new technologies to deliver them to B2B Sales. People sharing the vision joined the team and try everyday to come close to its achievement.


B2B Sales are complex, multiple Product references, different client needs, many pricing policies, crucial deals, numerous sales team and a constant need for differentiation in highly competitive markets.

Nicolas and Romain decided to create a solution to help B2B businesses fulfill their need for Sales efficiency and Innovation. Giving them the tools to streamline their Product Data, organize the different parties involved in Product Management and equip Sales Teams with light yet highly differentiating mediums like Augmented Reality.


Product Data at the core...

EEXAR offers B2B Sales oriented solutions, through powerful product presentations and helpful negotiation mediums, with a Product Data platform at its core.

EEXAR Marketplace B2B Sales


Everything you need to create, organize, monitor and present your Products world widely. Build Product collections for your customers to review, organize your teams by roles (Sales Representatives, Product Managers etc.) and make sure you track the activity on your Products.

For powerful B2B Sales Tools.

EEXAR Presentation B2B Sales


The tools you need to make the crucial first impression. Present remotely your Products through free access or guided Augmented Reality presentations. Create appealing containers for your Products with a large possibility of Media: from Pictures/videos, traditional files to 3D Models.

EEXAR Negotiation B2B Sales


A way to get your negotiations to the next level. Set the important information you need to gather from your Prospects or Clients during meetings directly on the Web portal. Then engage the discussion through a simple interface on your Tablet. All the data are then available to review.