Update references massively

You can now massively update References through XLS import, simply add a column named $Reference and fill in the new reference for all Products you need to change the Reference of (keep the ones you don’t want to change EMPTY). We’ve added the hint inside the XLS template file for you to remember the trick.

Required Products Fields

You can now set some of your fields as mandatory when creating new Products (Manually, through XLS import and API requests). Simply navigate to Settings > Products settings, and under the Product Detail Fields tab, select/create a Product Detail field and check the “Required” checkbox next to it.

Pictures in Excel exports

You can now add the Pictures of your Products to your Excel exports. Simply navigate to Settings > Content Display > Exports, and under the EXCEL tab, select “Thumbnail”, this will add the pictures to your XLS exports. Note: Pictures are only available for Product Folders and Products downloads, they are not available for Reports …

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