New “Ribbon” field

You can now create a new type of Product Detail Field called: Ribbon. This will let you enhance and highlight products by making them stand out of the others. For each option you will be able to customize the color of the ribbon, making each “state” different from each other. To create a “Ribbon” field, …

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Projects Templates

You can now create templates for your Projects, no need anymore to re-do all the configuration if you know you are going to use the same settings. Cherry on the cake, you can share these templates with other users, so that they don’t have to do the work twice either!

Dynamic Lightening

You can now change the lights (Color & Intensity) around your 3D Models as you wish to make them look like exactly what you need. These changes will be reflected every where the Web 3D viewer is available: Web Catalog, Product Details & Projects. To update the lights simply go to the 3D Model concerned …

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Products and Folders history logs

EEXAR now keeps logs for every action performed on Products and Folders on your account. This will help you keeping tracking of the ongoing activities about the Products information changes throughout time, but also to know which user has performed any specific action (Create, Edit, Delete) and when.

Rework of Catalogs selector

We have reworked the Catalogs selector inside the Web Catalog, you can now: Access all the Products from a single option called “All” Search for Catalogs directly in the panel

PBR, Specular: Support of new texture parameters

EEXAR now supports Metal/Shiny/Specular textures parameters (for GLTF and GLB files only), both in the Web 3D viewer and in Augmented Reality. You can now display 3D Models closer to their actual look by making use of the following parameters while designing them: Physical Based Render (PBR): Metalness, reflectivity etc. Specular/Glossiness