AR Shadows

We implemented dynamic shadows for any 3D Model displayed, this brings an even more realistic look to the AR Experience. Give it a try! The shadow is generated automatically when the 3D Model is placed on a detected plane surface.

Resize 3D Models in AR

You can now resize 3D Models in real time during Augmented Reality experiences. Simply focus the 3D Models you want to resize and execute a pinch-in/out with two fingers, this will increase/decrease the size of the 3D Model, if you need to reset the size, simply grab and place it again.

AR occlusion on Android

EEXAR now supports AR occlusion on Android devices. Have even more immersive AR experiences thanks to the depth sensors of your device that will now detect objects passing in front of your 3D Models and hide them according to their position in the space. Note: not every Android device supports this new feature (see list …

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