Date and Numbers format preferences (for Mobile)

You can now choose the Date and Numbers format that you prefer to use in the Mobile Application. This choice is personal and doesn’t affect the other accounts, to change your preferences simply change the Language and the numbers and Dates formats will change accordingly (supported formats: English, French and Chinese).

“All Catalogs” selector option in AR

All Users can now access all the Products from a single option called “All” within the AR Catalog. If you are not sure where to find products within the folders structure, this is a good way to still find the products you are looking for.

PBR, Specular: Support of new texture parameters

EEXAR now supports Metal/Shiny/Specular textures parameters (for GLTF and GLB files only), both in the Web 3D viewer and in Augmented Reality. You can now display 3D Models closer to their actual look by making use of the following parameters while designing them: Physical Based Render (PBR): Metalness, reflectivity etc. Specular/Glossiness

GLTF/GLB 3D Models support

EEXAR now supports new 3D Models formats, GLTF and GLB. The format was designed for compact file size, fast loading, run-time independence, and complete 3D scene representation. Specifically adapted for AR usage, EEXAR makes great use of this new format, we now also support more detailed parameters such as Metallic textures.

AR Shadows

We implemented dynamic shadows for any 3D Model displayed, this brings an even more realistic look to the AR Experience. Give it a try! The shadow is generated automatically when the 3D Model is placed on a detected plane surface.