PBR, Specular: Support of new texture parameters

EEXAR now supports Metal/Shiny/Specular textures parameters (for GLTF and GLB files only), both in the Web 3D viewer and in Augmented Reality. You can now display 3D Models closer to their actual look by making use of the following parameters while designing them: Physical Based Render (PBR): Metalness, reflectivity etc. Specular/Glossiness

Search function for Filters

We make it easier for you to use the filtering system in the Catalog and the Product Folders. You are now provided with hints while typing inside filters, this helps you filter out the content you need and not to know your data by hearth every time you need to apply filters.

GLTF/GLB 3D Models support

EEXAR now supports new 3D Models formats, GLTF and GLB. The format was designed for compact file size, fast loading, run-time independence, and complete 3D scene representation. Specifically adapted for AR usage, EEXAR makes great use of this new format, we now also support more detailed parameters such as Metallic textures.

3D Models mass upload

You can now upload 3D Models in batch through ZIP mass upload, no need anymore to upload them one by one. Simply add them to your .import file following the right format: FBXSimply add the FBX files to your .zip, you can rename the .fbx file so that it is ordered in the right position …

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Update references massively

You can now massively update References through XLS import, simply add a column named $Reference and fill in the new reference for all Products you need to change the Reference of (keep the ones you don’t want to change EMPTY). We’ve added the hint inside the XLS template file for you to remember the trick.