Projects Reports available

Reports are now automatically generated after each Project providing you with insights on sales performance such as Products best sellers, Total Revenue generated, most valuable Attendee and so on. Just click on the link provided next to each “Done” Project or navigate to the Reports section and find the corresponding Project.

Attach files to Products

You can now attach files to your Products, hence you can use your existing resources like PDF datasheets or PowerPoint Presentations to enhance the presentation of your Products everything simply managed in one place. To import/manage the files associated to a Product, simply go to the Media associated panel. Here you can edit the files, …

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New notification: Project started

We added a new Project Notification, when a Project starts the Presenters and Attendees part of it, will receive an Email/Desktop Notification (based on their Personal Preferences) to remind them of the Project opening.

3D Elements logic update

EEXAR supports 3D Elements for Web display and Augmented Reality, as both purposes currently require different standard, we’ve separated the 3D Elements meant for the Web from the ones meant for AR usage, so you can easily identify them. In the preview of 3D Elements meant for Augmented Reality, we’ve added references such as Width, …

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